Going Beyont

Beyont is an Irish term meaning "anywhere but here". The promise of untold adventures awaiting us just beyond the horizon has been a long-time infatuation for Irish born founder, Martin Gibbons.

It is this "Beyont" lifestyle that inspired Gibbons to design a solution for fellow adventurers who didn't want to miss out on all the experiences of life, due to deteriorating eyesight as a result of the aging process.

The photo on the left shows, the sunrise over Everest at 07:00 in the morning of April 11 2019 take during one such adventure

Our Pro Shield Collection

With five points of contact, these glasses are balanced for ultimate stability through any adventure. The lightweight, low-profile design of these frames offers comfort and security, while the oversized shield lens design provides a goggle-like protection in a sleek, sunglass style, with a greater wraparound to ensure that the wearer is protected from every angle.

These durable PC lenses, which are ballistic impact rated, offer enhanced protection for airborne projectiles and are Anti-Scratch coated, which further increases their durability. The graduated tint makes this lens ideally suited to cater for changing light conditions, with no requirement for changing lenses. With an optical quality of Class 1, the lenses are suitable for permanent wear, which is further enhanced by an Anti-Fog coating on the inside of the lens and a high anti-glare feature without polarization. Additionally, the lenses include ready to wear bifocal reading segments, which make these glasses a go-to in every situation, no matter what the day has in store.