Frequently Asked Questions

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Can COVID-19 transmit through eyes?
Current research, which is still evolving, shows that it is possible to contract the virus through the eye. In alignment with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should take all necessary precautions to avoid touching your eyes.
Do glasses help protect against COVID-19?
Yes, glasses provide some protection from COVID-19, but be aware that such protection is limited to the shielded area of the eye. It is prudent to shield your eyes from possible contamination, with eyewear that, that has a large lens (shield area), which only protect from the front, but also wraps around to protect from the side as well.
Where are your products made?
Our products are made in China. When our products leave our factory, they are packed and shipped by a carefully trained staff member after undergoing extensive checks.
Are packages coming from China and other high-risk countries safe to open?
Coronaviruses have poor resistance in the environment, so the possibility that the virus is transmitted via goods that travel for days or weeks at room temperatures is low. Current scientific knowledge suggests that coronaviruses propagate only through droplets of biological fluids
Are your online deliveries safe?
When you buy online you avoid close contact with people who might be sick. All our courier service partners have strict protocols in place to ensure all precautionary measures are followed.
What is meant by lens category?
The category of a lens is discussed in relation to the degree of tint/darkness of a lens. It is determined by the amount of visible light that is transmitted through the lens.

Category 0 allows between 81 – 100% of the light to pass through the lens.

Category 1 allows between 44 – 80% of the light to pass through the lens.

Category 2 allows between 19 – 43% of the light to pass through the lens.

Category 3 allows between 9 – 18% of the light to pass through the lens.

Category 4 allows between 3 – 8% of the light to pass through the lens.
What lenses are available in the Beyont Sunglasses collection?
All of the sunglasses in the beyont sunglasses collection, are fitted with Graduated Lenses (three categories in the one lens). The lenses are category 3 at the top, category 2 in the middle and category 1 at the bottom. The lenses are grey in colour and are characterized by a smooth transition between the various categories and are designed to provide maximum flexibility in changing light conditions, eliminating the need to be changing lenses.
What is the Optical Class of the lenses in Beyont Sunglasses?
The lenses in the beyont sunglasses collection are Class 1, which makes them suitable for permanent use.
What is a Plano Lens?
A Plano lens is a lens that has no magnifying power.
What is a Bifocal Lens
A Bifocal lens is a lens that has a very small magnifying segment incorporated in the lens, thereby having two points of focus.
Are the Beyont Lenses Polarized?
The lenses in the Beyont Pro-Shield collection are not polarized. This is due to the fact that polarized lenses may cause difficulty with reading digital instruments/displays and with depth perception.
How do I know if your Frame Size is correct for me
All of our frames are a standard size (in the middle of the medium range). This standard size fits 90% of the adult population. You can quickly check if this size is correct for you by holding a credit card in a vertical orientation, in front of your face. Aline the inner edge of the card with the middle of your nose, check if the outer edge of the card is close to the outer corner of your eye. If this is the case, then the standard size frame is correct for you.
Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
Yes, you will have 14 days from the date of receipt of you sunglasses, to return them and get a full refund. You can return them as per our Return/Refund policy.
How does your return/refund policy work?
Yes, can return a product and obtain a full refund within a period of 14 days after the receipt of the product. In order to initiate a return, please send an email to as set out in our return/refund Policy
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping within Ireland the United Kingdom and Europe is FREE. We also ship to other Countries throughout the World where a flat Shipping Charge of 10 Euro is applied. For full details please see our Shipping Policy.
Do the Sunglasses have a warranty?
Yes, all of our products have a 1 year warranty. For full details, including the return process, please see our Warranty Policy.
How can I make contact with the Beyont Customer Care?
Contacting Customer Care at Beyont, is very simple.

You can contact us by using the form in the, Contact Us, section of our website. You can contact us by sending an email to

You can contact us by calling +353 1 254 9182
What standards are the Beyont Sunglasses manufactured to?
All of the beyont sunglasses are manufactured to the following Standards:

Ready-to-Wear Bifocal Segments
o International ISO 21987 | ISO 12870
o Australia AS/NZS ISO 12870
o United States ANSI Z 80.1 / 80.5

o International ISO 12312-1
o Australia AS/NZS ISO 1067.1
o United States ANSI Z 80.3

o International EN 166

Ballistic Rating (Impact Testing)
o International EN 166

All items are CE certified.